Five Tips for Windshield Cleaning and Maintenance

Published: 10th February 2010
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The windshield is an important part of a car. It is the part that has a direct impact when we are driving, and yet we often forget to clean and maintain it. Our windshield has many functions. It protects us from being in direct contact with the harmful ultraviolet rays, from the wind, or rain and serves as a protection when we are driving. Auto Glass Las Vegas values this importance, the reason why auto glass repair of auto glass chips are being maintained.

How Do We Clean and Maintain It

§        Maintaining the condition of the windshield can begin with using the wipers properly. Don't use the wipers when it is full of dust or during dry conditions as it may cause marks or scratches on the windshield. Replace the wiper blades when it is not as smooth as it should be because it can also damage the windshield. Auto Glass Las Vegas would sometimes inject water or any kind of fluid into the wiper to make the windshield slippery and to avoid scratches on it.

§        Cleaning the windshield is slightly different than cleaning a car's body. It should not be polished often as it can cause the glass to become brittle and more fragile. It will also make the glass' protection from the UV rays thinner. This is one of the reasons why car owners often drive their cars to Auto Glass Las Vegas for a cracked glass repair because their vehicles got a slight hit or bump.

§        Car owners should also avoid fungus from growing in their windshields. Cleaning it with a chamois duster and a micro fiber duster after being used in the rain should always be observed. Letting water and dirt stick in the windshield too long could cause fungus growth that can also affect the glass making it easily broken and being brought to a repair shop for an auto glass fix.

§        When cleaning the windshield in a hot weather, wait until sundown to ensure that your car has been in a cool shade. Glass cleaners often evaporate in high heat and with direct sunlight. On cooler weathers, a vinegar base cleaner that has a lower freeze point won't allow a sticky mess on the glass when you wipe it. For extremely cold weather, a winter washer fluid usually found in spray bottles is best as it stays liquid even with a temperature below 0oF. It also has cleaning agents that are not usually present in typical blue washer fluids.

Lastly, have your windshield checked and treated regularly in auto glass Las Vegas shops. By doing so, you are treating yourself and others from accidents and injuries.

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